Why is Anime better than reading books?

Many people think that anime isn’t worth enough to watch, while some think that it is just for children. Both are wrong as anime has so much impact on the life of almost every person who watches it and if we talk about reading books or watching anime, of course watching anime is a better choice. You can select any credible website like เว็บการ์ตูน for watching anime and reasons of preferring anime rather than reading books are listed below.

Some newbies think that reading manga and watching anime is the same thing, but that’s not the case. Manga is a story in the form of a book, while anime is like a movie with great animations. So, below are the reasons.

Best graphics:

Anime allows people to see the best graphics as there are so many professionals who work and create the best animations for the viewers to watch. You can also see the graphics in the best bright colors, and on a bog display, their pixels don’t shatter. So, you can watch the best graphics while watching anime and see various characters in the anime series while reading books only offered you boring text with no vibrant colors. Reading the story is compelling for some people but not for everyone. So, if you’d like to experience bets graphics, you should start watching anime.

More interesting:

Anime is more interesting to watch rather than reading books as there are many characters that are doing various things and make the story clearer for you, but in books, you can just read black and white text. Also, books are the things we read in schools too, and this is another reason why a big portion of youth don’t find it interesting to read books.

Anime is also interesting because you can easily watch the whole series in a small amount of time, but if you start reading a book, it will take you so much time to finish one search. Also, reading emotions can’t allow us to get a full feel of any scene while watching the anime help us in feeling and understanding everything deeply which is happening in front of our eyes.

You can see characters:

While reading stories in books, you can only imagine the character, and you don’t know that whether you imagine it right or not, but by watching anime, you can see exactly what your favorite character looks like. Rather than imaging that character, you can watch it in front of your eyes and the moves he/she made to defeat the enemy.

Simple stories:

In books, usually, complex stories are mentioned that don’t end early, and when a person starts reading them, the only text makes it more challenging for the reader to understand exactly what’s happening n the story. Also, watching faces make us remember any character, while only reading about them can make us easily forget them. So, watching anime make the story simple by allowing people to watch them rather than read them in the form of text.

You should also watch anime if you don’t try it yet.